Saturday, October 24, 2009

Straight Talk Phone Service

My experience at the Verizon store left me cold so when I found this new phone service called StraightTalk at Walmart that had one plan for $30 and another unlimited for $45 it seemed too good to be true. So far that is exactly the case. How can a world-wide retailer launch a new service with an activation web page that greets you with:

A chanel exception has occurred:
No block found given name.

The Sign In/My Account page tells me that it is still under construction, but I can activate or refill on the other pages. I might expect this from little Jimmy down the street who tries his hand at web building. Don't worry though, they also offer telephone activation. But this just provided a recording telling me no one is available and I should "check back later." Come on Walmart, this is not the way to launch a new cell phone service.

More to come when and if this is resolved.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Google Docs

Google Docs now offers a way to share folders as well as documents. This is great since it offers a free way to collaborate with anyone by offer both storage and basic applications via the web. For free!