Saturday, February 5, 2011

High Bridge Glens.avi

Here is a video of the ice at the High Bridge Glens in Cuyahoga Falls:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Web Components with Google Gadgets

The web is build for the distribution information and code.  Web components and specifically Google Gadgets allow anyone to invent a nifty widget and then share it with the world.

Well anyone who is willing to write some HTML and Javascript at least.  Google even supplies a simple  small Gadget to allow you to develop tools called Google Gadget Editor.  It is essentially just a text box that allows you to post and preview your applet right inside your iGoogle page.  The key to success is to go slow and test frequently.

Recently I designed a Google web form to track the time spent on my current projects  and it was very fast and easy to set up. But when it was done it had something missing that my Access desktop application has had for years, and that something is a stopwatch utility that counts minutes and hours.  The best part of this is the the pause button that lets me stop the counter during  phone calls or any  other distraction and then pick up right where I left off.  There were several of these gadgets already posted but none of them did exactly what I wanted.  The result is my own offering which is currently functional if not very polished as far as the UI.
With a little more work I hope to have something that is more attractive and  ready to offer to the online community.