Saturday, October 30, 2010

Google Sites & JavaScript Problem - Google Sites Help

Well this answers a lot about the limits of Google Sites:

"It won't work as I don't think Google Sites will ever offer JavaScript.
What you have to remember is that your Google Site is always at a address and, therefore, many people, firewalls and virus checkers automatically trust everything at a address: Javacript can deliver malicious code, so it's never going to happen."

So it appears while Google sites can provide huge functionality right out of the box using all the power of Google Apps, you can't really script the pages with JavaScript.  As long as you are using the site for fairly standard functions this should not be a problem.  However if you need to custom code something, you will have to find an alternative platform.  So it appears for now it is best to straddle the .Net and Google  worlds when it comes to web sites.